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Rodents Base VRCHAT

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A smol Rodent base avatar for Vrchat with multiple Specie preset !


• Body customization

• Face and ears customization shape keys

• Avatar Interaction ( Ear Grabbing, Booping, Headpats and Cheeks pinching)

• 3 Tail styles ( with Custom shape keys too ! )

• 3 Paws styles ( with Custom shape keys too ! )

• In game AV3.0 customization menu

• Physbones

• Gesture driven facial expression and lip sync

• ScaleGoesBrr Setup Ready to use

• 3 Haircut styles


• Unity package

• Substance painter files ( 2021 )

Installation guide

• Use Unity version 2019.4.31f1
-create a new project

• Import VRCSDK3 ( 2022. or Later )

• Import the provided unity package



• Share or gift any of the files to anyone.

• Claim the avatar as your own.

• take any part, file, shader, menu off the avatar to use anywhere else

• Upload any of the files on a Google Drive or any Online Hosting services.


• Do reskin and modification on the avatar for a client as long as both of you bought the avatar in order to rightfully use it

• Upload public version of the avatar as long as it is accessible for everyone on a pedestal in a public world

This asset is provided as is, without warranty of any kind
Purchasing this asset grants you a personnal use liscence only.


I am NOT responsible of any action taken against you if you break the VRCHAT TOS.

feel free to contact me on discord for any question: abiboi#5034

Blender Files are given on request, DM me on discord

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Rodents Base VRCHAT

7 ratings
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